You can check out my resume to get a more rounded view of what I do for Uber, but I’m just going to list some projects that I’m proud of here : )

Content migration

One of the first tasks I was assigned was to was the deprecation of a content platform that our eng team no longer supported. There was a total of 6,000 web pages that were still on that platform. I approached this project by pulling the traffic of these pages from Google Analytics to prioritize which pages we definitely needed to reserve. The possible actions to take for each of these pages were to either rebuild them on Uber.com, redirect them to a ‘new’ page on Uber.com that has the same/similar content, rebuild it on the Uber blog, or deprecate the page. One recurring challenge I had was that some functionality that we had on the old platform, we did not have on the new platform. This was great though because it allowed me the chance to work with the product & eng team to evaluate if we could build the same or similar features on the new platform. The most time-intensive part of this project was finding a page owner or team that would know if the page or information on that page still had to exist. However, one by one I found the correct POC and worked with them to decide with action would be best for that page and within four months, our eng team could proceed in disabling this content platform.

Dynamic content field

As I mentioned above, there was some functionality on the old platform that we still needed in order to be able to build/display the information on our new platform. One of those things was displaying where Uber’s Greenlight locations were (physical places that drivers could go to receive help). On the old platform, this information was displayed by uploading a spreadsheet. However, by talking to the POC for that page, I learned that they actually got that information from a database and then copy & pasted the information. I decided to try to cut out the manual process of the spreadsheet. By working with our product manager and engineer team, we were able to build a dynamic field that pulled the field of necessary information directly from the database into a page. This not only saved time but also eliminated the threat of manual errors and outdated information. You can see the field on this page: www.uber.com/drive/contact.

Website migration

As part of an effort to bring all of our websites and pages under Uber.com, as well as reduce costs and provide engineer support, I migrated a website that consisted of 13 pages. In order to organize the content, I designed a nav and sub-navigation menu that would allow a user to explore but also navigate back to the product’s homepage – as well as Uber.com. You can check it out here.

Building pages

Aside from updating content and design on the pre-existing web pages, I also launch new web pages by working with a team consisting of a copyeditor, designer, SEO manager, and the content’s stakeholder. Here are a few of the web pages that I have launched: