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I first heard about Rothy’s about a year ago from my boyfriend….weird I know. He’s expressed his dissatisfaction in my taste in shoes before, but Rothy’s is one that we can agree on. These shoes are RECYCLABLE The stylish flats themselves are made from recycled plastic bottles, while the soles are made from carbon-free recyclable […]

Harper Wilde

Bra shopping has always been something that I avoided. Yes, besides your mother and grandmother squealing in excitement over buying your first bra and teaching you about how it should fit, the whole experience thereafter is still pretty bad. None of them fit the same, so I always have to try every single one on. […]


Lola delivers organic tampons, pads, and liners on the dot (well, on your cycle) every month. Your chosen items come in a white box with only “Lola” written on it, so discreet that they could hold anything inside. We usually see outlines of women doing a cart-wheel or running…as if we actually do those things […]