Google Retail Training

I’m currently the Content Manager for the Google Retail Training website, where sales associates from 17 different countries who speak nine different languages can learn about Google products.

There are both creative and product focused sides to my role. On a creative side, I lead retrospective meetings and creative workshops, establish brand guidelines for the program and develop and manage communications messaging and strategic plan that leverages on- and off-platform channels.

On a product side, I work directly with our QA Lead to initiate testing, categorize tickets, and consolidate revision requests to third-party teams, as well as collaborate with the PM to drive standard SLAs for launches, and manage client expectations when deadlines are at risk or missed and coordinate localization process with content teams.

Shout out to Jenn for her quick responses and actions on GRT platform issues and content launches. I don’t know how you do it all. You are an irreplaceable asset on our team!

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