The Future Now Awards for Bluewolf, an IBM Company

Bluewolf, an IBM Company wanted to revamp their previous annual award, The Global Customer Innovation Award. The award celebrates companies that are leading the innovation of customer and employee experiences with Salesforce.

I spent time looking at similar Salesforce awards, the criteria, judges, how the winners were announced, the award itself, and the media coverage.

Then, we launched The Future Now Awards.

The name:

I pitched this name because I wanted to use the ward to boost our brand awareness in the Salesforce ecosystem. “The future is now,” is a brand message that we often use through marketing materials so for our existing customers, The Future Now Awards is an extension of something that they are already familiar with. For prospective customers, it would be a way for them to learn about our methodology.

The criteria:

We kept it simple for companies to apply. If they recently overhauled their Salesforce Marketing Cloud or just implemented it with great results, they could apply to the Marketing of the Future Now category. There were also two categories for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

During my research, I learned that the most crucial information to deciding a winner is often found in essay format questions. Thus, I decided to give each entry 3 more general questions that were the same for each category, and then 3 questions that were individual to the category in order to dive deeper into their implementation and approach to leveraging Salesforce solutions, and the associated business results.

We chose four Salesforce innovation experts, including Michael Krigsman (CXO Talk), Tiffani Bova (Salesforce), Bob Bird (T-Mobile), and Vanessa Thompson (Bluewolf) to judge the top entries out of hundreds of submissions. I communicated with the judges through each step of the process to ensure that we hit every deadline.

The launch:

I planned a multi-channel launch strategy that included writing emails for various email lists, designing the email layout, creating social graphics for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, and writing copy to accompany them from launch up to the announcement of the winners.