Break-up Committee


In December 2018, I had a particularly painful break-up. A few months, many tears, and sleepless nights later, I was doing much better; so much better that a friend asked me how I overcame it. As I listed the reasons, resources, and tools that helped me as I navigated my own breakup, I realized that I wanted to share this information with others.

What started as a private Facebook group with a PDF of the things that helped me recover from my own personal break-up has become the Break-up Committee. The Break-up committee is a support group that provides a community and resources for women who have had their hearts broken and are in need of love, support, and hope.

Now, we have a referral-based community that welcomes anyone at any stage of their break-up – whether it’s fresh or they’re still healing, but want to try getting back in the dating scene again. It is an online space for people to post questions, stories, rants, or ask for a friend when they’re in need. We hold monthly meet-ups in San Francisco and will soon have chapters in Philadelphia and Sydney, Australia. Occasionally, we do weekend camping retreats too! I am also available 24/7 for all group members via text, phone, and Skype.

On February 13, 2020, I had the opportunity to speak about the Break-up Committee at General Assembly in San Francisco on Building Communities IRL.


To join, visit or follow us on IG at @breakupcommittee.