I first heard about Rothy’s about a year ago from my boyfriend….weird I know. He’s expressed his dissatisfaction in my taste in shoes before, but Rothy’s is one that we can agree on.

These shoes are RECYCLABLE

The stylish flats themselves are made from recycled plastic bottles, while the soles are made from carbon-free recyclable rubber, as well as recyclable foam for the insoles. Even though you can wash them and rewear, if you decide you want to toss out your Roth’s, you can recycle them through their partner, PLUSfoam. And for those that love the Earth more than the rest of us, yes, Rothy’s are vegan!


As if Rothy wasn’t environmentally friendly enough, they use a 3D knitting process that drastically reduces the amount of waste during production.

Get ready for the biggest surprise

Rothy’s was founded by two men! Stephen Hawthornthwaite or “Hawthy” and Roth Martin = Rothy’s. “I’d watch my wife go through shoes or just wear flip-flops or sneakers,” recalls Hawthornthwaite, “and wish there was a shoe she could put on without even thinking, and wear all day long.”

Isn’t this all of us? What if all of our significant others cared enough to make a shoe for us all? Silicon Valley version of Cinderella, maybe?


Rothy’s is obviously aimed at a woman that is a little more advanced in her career. She knows better than to only pack heels for a fully scheduled day. She invested in quality over quantity. That’s why she’s buying Rothy’s. When women will normally only spend around $50 for flats and expect to throw them out after 6 to 8 months of wear, Rothy’s women will spend quadruple that amount in order to wear flats they know will last through weekend getaways and into the office Monday morning, with not a single scuff, tear or stretched out look.

One thing that I wish they could improve: diversity. It’s 2018 and there’s no reason or excuse for not including different skin tones and shapes. Open your market!

Color schemes

I haven’t noticed anything truly remarkable about Rothy’s social media presence, but one thing that I do think that is worth mentioning are the alternating color schemes on their Instagram account. I do love when brands stick with their brand colors, but as a shoe brand, you need to show all the options!

Rothy’s highlights each color and corresponding pattern for 5 or 6 photos before transitioning into the next color. What I admire most is that there are such a variety of photos. There is a picture of a plant, then the usual shoes on interesting tiles, a close up of the pattern and of course, dogs.

It’s a lifestyle brand that weaves in and out of colors that you might gravitate to in your own life. Are you more of a red brick, stained wood woman or more nautical with greys and blues?


I know that Tieks are a thing and have been around for quite some time now, but let’s back up and look at their game. First of all, they scream their brand with the teal bottom. It’s like when you were in school and everything needed to be name brand, no knock-offs. Didn’t we grow out of this? Huge Cs for Coach and a huge swish for Nike isn’t cool anymore. Most adult women want staple pieces in solid colors that easily coordinate with each other. Who wants to add a bright color among their all black ensemble?

Rothy’s has added a pop of blue along the top of the heel of the shoe. I’m not a huge fan, but it’s not as attention grabbing as brightly colored rubber.

Second, to be quite frank, they remind me of my first pair of ballet slippers when I was two years old……and that’s exactly why I wouldn’t want to wear them at 40.

Oops, I guess I had more beef on Tieks than I realized. If you love them, tell me why [hello @]! I’d truly love to hear; I just don’t see it, myself.


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