Lola delivers organic tampons, pads, and liners on the dot (well, on your cycle) every month. Your chosen items come in a white box with only “Lola” written on it, so discreet that they could hold anything inside. We usually see outlines of women doing a cart-wheel or running…as if we actually do those things while we’re menstruating. Even worse is the boxes are bright pink as if you can’t already tell from my sweats and chocolate tucked under my arm. Everyone knows when you’re buying tampons and that your tampons are hidden under your sink.

Voilá, you never need to buy pink tampons in front of anyone again and you can display your tampon box proudly on top of your toilet. Plus, it comes with the very fitting quote inside, “This too shall pass.” Which, fun fact – I found out is not from the Bible.
Anyway, I tend to find the brands that I admire enough to write about on Instagram and that’s how I found Lola so that’s where we’ll begin.

Variation in Color

Lola’s signature shades of blue and pops of yellow, as well as memes that you would send to your besties makes Lola’s Instagram one of my favorite handles to check out. Aside from their periodic product photos, they don’t over-try with finding their colors. I mean, let’s face it – most of the “Goals” bathrooms feature whites, blues, and greys anyway. There’s the beautiful avocado toast and newest chia trend that appears from time to time to give a pop of color.

This isn’t a die-hard feminist or organic everything only type of brand. The page is actually a culmination of millennial women to a T (at least what they want to be on Instagram). I think that’s what makes Lola so welcoming and fun, which brings me to my next point…


Brand Persona

Lola is the girl that everyone wants to invite to an Instagram-worthy brunch or drink rosé at the best rooftops in NYC – the ultimate feminine woman that doesn’t want to let her period rain on her parade. I’m going to take a guess their HXC (high expectation customer) is named Morgan, a creative marketing director, late 20s, possibly married, but no kids. @LOLA let me know how on point / far off I am. Anyway, I think that they nailed their brand persona and their social media manager really knows how to tap into that character.


Turning the Spotlight on the Customer

Plus, they’ve recently been adding videos of their customers talking about their first periods to promote their First Period Kit (psst, I want to participate!!). They’re simple, short, and real. Every woman’s story about their first period is unique so it’s an excellent way to make customers feel valued on an individual level. Plus, go Lola for talking about periods and breaking the stigma!

Additionally, JUST LOOK AT THIS FIRST PERIOD KIT. Did you get stickers when you got your first period? I bet not! I love the instruction cards for two reasons. One, we only need use a tampon or pad once to know how to do it. Two, I really hope that girls are sharing these with their friends and teaching them how to use menstrual products too. The cute pouch is the perfect addition to make leaving 5th period for the bathroom more chic. Let’s be real; everyone will still know that you have your period, but do they carry their products in an adorable bag? Probably not, they’re probably hiding them in sleeves and pockets like we all did.


This item makes me think that Lola is trying to target the cool moms as well. The ones that want their daughters to be feminist software engineers and teach boys about periods during recess. Besides, even cool moms should have cool ways to deal with their period.

Lola is clearly a brand that wants to grow up and evolve with their customer. Will there be menopause kits in the future?! Can a brand really cater for preteens all the way to menopause?? We’ll have to see!