Harper Wilde

Bra shopping has always been something that I avoided. Yes, besides your mother and grandmother squealing in excitement over buying your first bra and teaching you about how it should fit, the whole experience thereafter is still pretty bad. None of them fit the same, so I always have to try every single one on.

Part of that reason is there are SO MANY styles. Do I want underwire? Do I want my boobs pushed up to my chin? Do I want straps that can be detached? However, worst of all is the price – it’s like buying a new pair of sneakers and depending on your care for them, bras often won’t last more than a year.

Luckily, Harper Wilde did their research on our expensive boob holders, while talking to hundreds of women about their shopping experiences and how they want it to change.

Behold, Exhibit A: video media

Not only does this short, one-minute clip captures the exact self-doubt (and semi-horror) that women experience every time we walk into certain stores that clad themselves with women that workout, eat clean, and get fresh balayage highlights for their career.

While it is an accurate presentation, this media is also incredibly share-able to both women and men. You would send it to your best friends, to your boyfriend so he understands what you go through to look good for him, and definitely a few group chats as it is amusing for both sexes.

Assuming that Old Spice and Dollar Shave Club were the inspiration for the video, I think that Harper Wilde did a good job. Do I wish that they would have taken it one step forward with examining the fit of his boxers? Yes.

Thoughtful puns & phrases

I love puns more than anyone else on the planet and I more than admire brands that will incorporate this quirky humor into their brand, just as Harper Wilde has done. Their website copy was well thought out from emphasizing that every bra, every day should be comfy with their “For every day that ends in Y” and this little number, below.

Website copy is tricky because you need to keep in concise and to the point that you’re trying to make, but Harper Wilde made sure that their brand personality came through in every word and phrase possible.

Simple, chic & a bit cheeky

Harper Wilde’s Instagram is without a doubt, funny with plenty opportunities to DM posts to your besties. I chose a few of my favorites above. One this that I wish they would do is brand all text version posts the same way. However, they do a great job at sticking to t

heir brand palette, even while incorporating external graphics. I think that at their growth stage, using posts from brands like Soma water bottles that they could partner with in the future would be a strategic win.

One more thing? Their models are straight up, god damn beautiful. They obviously took the effort to find diverse women with out of the ordinary looks. It’s easy for brands to go with white, blonde women so I’m super glad that Harpe Wilde was thoughtful enough to find these amazing models!

What’s in a name, Harper Wilde?

The name is inspired by Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird) and Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie). Why two female authors? Because Harper Wilde wants to empower everyone from their employees, in offices and factories to their customers. Check out more information about their social impact partner, The Girl Project.I’m more than happy that these women have created an alternative to our VS horror stories. Harper Wilde is actively thinking about ways to build on this experience so I have high hopes for them as they evolve in their first year!